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Eva Gromadzki

I am an executive coach, change facilitator and the founder of Evalution.  I work with leaders who are distracted by self doubt, anxiety or fatigue to be more calm, confident and energised, so they can perform well and and feel well.  I coach leaders and their teams to be more resilient.

My Story

Imagine how I felt when I arrived as a graduate trainee in a big energy utility over 30 years ago and discovered infinite reasons to believe everyone there was better than me.  I held back on expressing opinions for fear of sounding like an idiot, worked weekends to do the best job I could and at times felt paralysed by self doubt.  It was draining.


Executive coaches and a couple of great leaders are amongst those who helped me bring my self doubt under control, take on new challenges, deal with difficult transitions and to eventually become an executive coach.  I learnt that self belief marks out great leaders as much as it defines resilience.  Leaders who believe in themselves don't have to hide behind defensive behaviours like dominance, being the lone hero or keeping a low profile, they are free to be themselves and are open to the value of others.


The principles of servant leadership align with my beliefs and underpin the coaching I do at Evalution: of helping leaders and their teams to perform the best they can by becoming healthier, freer, wiser and more autonomous.  Systems thinking and neuroscience inform my approach, as do wider schools of leadership and organisational design, but my approach is person-centred and comes down to building individual self belief.

My background is senior leadership in energy and renewables, in international utilities and small businesses.  I qualified as a coach at Henley Business School over a decade ago, where even earlier I gained my MBA.  Curious about what brings people to think, act and feel the way they do I learnt Gestalt counselling; and what is now exciting is learning what neuroscience is discovering about how our personalities are formed and what works when we try to change things.

The ethics of coaching are important to me at Evalution.  I engage in continuous professional development, regular supervision and adhere to the APECS guidelines for ethical coaching .

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."  Carl Rogers

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