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 Resilience Coaching 



You already have the resources you need to feel more calm, confident and energised.  My role as your coach is to help you understand how resilience works, to bring your awareness to what is getting in your way, and to give you the space to build more self-sustaining ways of thinking, acting and feeling. 

Each coaching journey is tailored to you as an individual and the context you lead in.  I support you to clarify your specific goal, to know when you have got there, and use the Four Spheres of Leadership Resilience to help you explore and navigate your specific journey.

As it is likely your resilience depends on you leading a thriving team, resilience coaching is for teams too.


When you are resilient you have the ability to sustain your energy levels under pressure, to cope with disruptive changes and adapt.  You bounce back from setbacks and overcome major difficulties without spiralling in to self doubt or behaviours that harm others.

Being resilient is about believing in yourself and building positive habits and relationships that sustain you. 


With all of us facing constant uncertainty and change, over 70% of people rating themselves as lacking confidence at least some of the time, and neuroscience revealing that self doubt stems from the biological processes that keep us safe from danger, a bit of anxiety about your capacity to lead is normal.


But if it’s holding you back, preventing you from accessing your potential or making you feel unwell, then it's worth asking for support.  

Renew your energy, find focus and enjoy leading well

Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.”  Mary Holloway

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